Mission Statements

Missions: It is all about Why!!!!

    For years we’ve known that a great mission statement answers one question: “Why does the world need you to succeed?” Here is Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action talking about why “why” is the most important driver of success for our businesses. Do you…

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Do you Lead a High Performance Team?

What is a High Performance Team? There are so many definitions out there, but we all agree that HPT’s outperform their peers, even if they have fewer resources. Where the definitions differ is over semantics: do team members share the organization’s goals or will they still be successful when they disagree with them? Is leadership…

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We will all be called on to lead, and we will be judged by our team’s results. I believe that behavior (not tools or processes) is the most important factor in generating consistent, strategic results. Correctly managing our own behaviors and the behaviors of our team members will ultimately define our path to success or…

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