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All I Really Needed to Know in Business, I learned through Climbing with Chris Warner: A Podcast

A few weeks ago I sat down with Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, the CEO of Verde PR to discuss how to build high performance teams, including my company Earth Treks. Enjoy the Podcast.   Courses


Chris Warner PodCast on Growing Boulder: Conquering Kilimanjaro with Livestrong

Listen to a recent podcast on Growing Bolder. I climbed Kilimanjaro with Mark Middleton, one of the folks who interviews me on this talk show. We talk about how great teams are created. To learn more about the Survivor Summit team as they summit Kilimanjaro, check out this tear jerking video:


Great Videos, Articles and Books on Leading Teams

Have a few minutes and want to think about great teams and your leadership? Check out these short videos (10-20 minutes): Angela Duckworth talking about Grit. Dan Pink talking about the science of Motivation. Simon Sinek talking about why you need to know why your business exists. Raj Sisodia talking about Conscious Capitalism. Check out …


Evaluating Your Team Mates

In mountaineering we have two types of risks: Objective and Subjective. Objective risks are things like avalanches and rock fall. They are forces of nature. We can’t control them and sometimes we can’t predict them. Subjective risks are caused by human error: things like exceeding our abilities or improper use of equipment. Subjective risks are …


Missions: It is all about Why!!!!

    For years we’ve known that a great mission statement answers one question: “Why does the world need you to succeed?” Here is Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action talking about why “why” is the most important driver of success for our businesses. Do you …


Do you Lead a High Performance Team?

What is a High Performance Team? There are so many definitions out there, but we all agree that HPT’s outperform their peers, even if they have fewer resources. Where the definitions differ is over semantics: do team members share the organization’s goals or will they still be successful when they disagree with them? Is leadership …


Does Your Team Know Where it is Going?

Too many leaders struggle to craft and communicate a vision for their team. This is a very expensive problem. If your team doesn’t know where it’s headed, don’t act surprised when they end up at the wrong place. Even if you get to your destination, it is likely that it took too long. In this …



We will all be called on to lead, and we will be judged by our team’s results. I believe that behavior (not tools or processes) is the most important factor in generating consistent, strategic results. Correctly managing our own behaviors and the behaviors of our team members will ultimately define our path to success or …


Dying to Reach a Goal

We learned that the first person was dead when we were baking the cake. By the time I blew the candles out, the second person was dying. This was my fourth birthday celebrated in Pakistan, and like all the others it was more painful than fun. Karl Unterkircher, of the Italian team, was a great …


Are your goals bringing out the worst in your team?

I’ve never met a group that didn’t see the connection between goals and behaviors. Ask too little of people and they become lazy. Ask too much and they become quitters. The trick is finding goals that are improbable, not impossible. There is great goal setting research out there. And most of the findings are common …