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CHRIS WARNER is a successful entrepreneur, CEO, leadership expert, author, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, and the second American to climb the world's tallest peaks (the fourteen 8000 meter peaks: Everest, K2, Annapurna, etc).


Combining these skills, Chris has become one of the nation’s TOP MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS.

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Leadership Keynotes

What the world’s most forbidding peaks teach us about success. This visually stunning keynote will educate, inspire and entertain.


Leadership Workshops

Building better leaders through customized workshops that teach how to create and manage high-performance teams.

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About Chris

For the past 35 years, Chris has been building better leaders and guiding teams to success in situations when failure is not an option.


An expert at creating and leading high-performance teams; Chris combines his mountaineering experience with his hands-on corporate experience to teach leadership to senior executives, MBA students, covert ops units, Super Bowl Champions, start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies.


Chris is also the co-author of High Altitude Leadership a Top Ten Leadership Seller published by Jossey-Bass.

When Failure is Not an Option

Whether building a company or climbing K2, behavior is critical to achieving goals. Learn to identify, nurture, and promote the behaviors that lead to success, and avoid or correct the behaviors that ultimately lead to failure.

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