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“Your talk has inspired a lot of follow-up debate on shoring up our team’s four key performance attributes (passion, vision, partnership, perseverance), including a working session today with managers across the globe on the “improbable goal” we want to set for ourselves and the team. Thank you again for working your magic with this group and setting a fantastic foundation on which we can achieve that next summit as a team!”


High Altitude Leadership

What the world’s most forbidding peaks teach us about success

A visually stunning keynote that educates, inspires and entertains

Chris uses mountaineering as a metaphor for the workplace and addresses how passion, vision, partnership and perseverance can inspire all of us to perform at a higher level.

Drawing on insights gained from leading teams in situations where failure can result in death; Chris has developed a data-driven, real world formula for building better leaders and creating high-performance teams. Using dramatic video footage and gripping real-life stories; audiences are riveted as Chris reveals the types of behavior that ultimately lead to success or failure and shares what is required to build teams that will succeed despite the odds.


Key takeaways

Audience members gain practical tools and strategies to help them:

  • Uncover their team’s strengths and weaknesses as a High-Performance Team

  • Identify, nurture and manage behaviors that create High-Performance Teams

  • Recognize and correct the behavioral dangers that impede results

  • Apply positive influencers of behavior to move team members towards greater success

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“Thank you for delivering such a powerful presentation at our meeting last week! People were talking about story the entire weekend! You were definitely inspiring and motivational!”


Chris Warner knows how to entertain, inspire and educate.

Chris has over 30 years of experience guiding people to the top (Everest, K2, Kilimanjaro: nearly 200 international mountaineering expeditions).

He’s given keynote speeches to teams trying to ignite sales, overcome challenges, explore new ideas, heal from tragedy and celebrate successes. Chris has given keynote presentations to thousands of CEOs, senior executives, sales teams, Fortune 500 companies, MBA classes, counter-terrorism experts, military officers, NFL coaches, NHL teams, nurses, pilots and entrepreneurs.

Most of his clients are repeats or referrals.

“I received so many enthusiastic and appreciative comments about your talk from my colleagues immediately, and having now had the time to study the survey we conducted, you consistently (and uniquely by the way) received an evaluation of “10” on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a segment of the most value!! I personally also found your account of the challenges you faced and overcame, both from nature and human nature, inspiring and informative! Thanks again!” - The National Counter Terrorism Task Force


A great keynote speech has the audience on the edge of their seats. Chris specializes in multi-media presentations, recounting his most epic mountaineering expeditions to Everest and K2. The stories and imagery are riveting: with climbers falling through the air, being swept away by avalanches, plunging into icy crevasses, holding climbers as they breathe their last breaths, huddling on tiny ledges as blizzards rage, rescuing stranded partners and reaching wind swept summits. As an author and Emmy Nominated film maker, Chris uses his story telling skills and dramatic HD footage, to help the audience feel the pain, gasp at the scenery and marvel at the heroism of some while becoming angered by the narcissism of others.


The conflicts of good vs. evil, man vs. the improbable goal, selfishness vs. sacrifice, and more, are so powerfully illustrated that the audience “gets it” without being pandered to. The mountaineering expedition becomes a metaphor for the workplace, with the themes of passion, vision, partnership and perseverance inspiring all of us to perform at a higher level.


Chris uses gripping stories to open the minds of the audience so the learning can begin. Now that he has the audience open to the need to grow, he makes the transference from the mountaineering challenge to the business challenge. A true strength of his keynote presentations is the ability to transfer the lessons of these extreme adventures to the challenges we all face. Unlike most adventurers on the speaking circuit, Chris was the founder and owner of a fast growth company, with nearly 1000 employees, serving more than 2,000,000 customers every year. Chris’ real life experiences as a successful entrepreneur, mountaineering guide and leadership educator provide the audience with practical solutions to everyday (and epic) problems

It would be an honor to share these amazing stories, and what they can teach all of us, with your team.